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“Dirt, bugs, messes and hugs, thats what little boys are made of!”

Being a mom of two boys myself I know its often tricky to make a boy themed party look “pretty”, never mind a bug party which means worms, ants, spiders, flies, mud and grass. 

When asked to photograph Ben’s second birthday party I could not wait! This mom goes over and above to make her kids parties extra special. She has such a talent with decor and knowing how to make even a bug party look phenomenal.

So if your son is obsessed with all things creepy crawly and would like a bug themed party. Fear not here are some awesome inspirations just for you.


Drinks and Snacks

  • Bug juice (fruit juice) 
  • Bee nectar (pimms and ginger ale)
  • Fish moth cakes (fish cakes)
  • Fossil cookies (bug iced biscuits)
  • Worm dirt (chocolate mousse with chocolate shavings and worm sweets on top)
  • Garden cupcakes (green iced cupcakes with a bug on it) 
  • Butterfly cocoons (flings or cheese curl chips)
  • Ants on a log (small bar one chocolate bars with raisons on top)
  • Gecko eggs (chuckles)
  • Stick bugs (savoury biscuits sticks) 
  • Insect nests (pretzels)
  • Worm gum sweets
  • Sour worms sweets
  • Snake sweets 


Entertainment ideas

  • Bug sunglasses for kids to wear
  • Sand pits with hidden bugs and gems for kids to dig up
  • Puppet show with a Bug theme
  • Cupcake decorating with green icing and bug fondant 
  • Bug scavenger hunt with list of bugs to find
  • Build a worm with play dough


Thank you gifts

  • Small plastic bug toys
  • Wooden worm toy
  • Bug binoculars
  • Bug sun glasses
  • Packet of sour worms


Phrases to you

  • Thanks for buzzing by
  • Thanks for making my party SSSuper SSSpecial
  • Crawl on over to “XX” Party 
  • Sssslither, crawl or hop on over to celebrate “XX” birthday
  • Bugs and kisses. 


Hope you found this helpful and as the bugs say, thanks for crawling by…

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